Strength After Thirty: Facts about fitness and health

Have the best life out there by knowing more about the facts of the fitness and health. Learn all you can here at Strength After Thirty. The top things you need to know about fitness and health are the following:

Strength Training Do you love going to the gym? Do you spend your time working out on your bike or on a treadmill? If so, I am sure that you have heard the word “strength training” before. If not, then I will go ahead and explain what it is: strength training is the practice of using your muscles to perform work in order to increase their size, strength, and endurance. The most common forms of strength training include the following: Barbell Training: Barbells are used in almost all forms of weight lifting. They are also called the “big dumbbells” since they look like oversized dumbbells. Barbells are great for performing exercises that require a lot of weight and work your largest muscle groups. Dumbbells: Dumbbells are smaller than barbells but weigh much more. These can be easily stored and handled when doing an exercise, making them very convenient for most workouts. Gym Machines: Gym machines are another type of strength training equipment that allows you to do a wide variety of different exercises with little to no effort on your part. There are many types of gym machines including: leg press machines, cable-crossovers, squat machines, lunges, and more.

1. The top five benefits of strength training for women You may have heard about the benefits of strength training. But, have you heard about the top five benefits of strength training? Here is a list of the top five benefits of strength training for women.

2. Weight loss Strength training burns calories because it requires a higher energy level from your body to perform these exercises. It also helps build muscle that can burn even more calories and fat. When you do weightlifting, you are helping to improve your metabolism. The more lean muscle mass you have, the better your metabolic rate and, thus, the more calories you will burn.

3. Increase bone density Strength training helps build strong bones and reduce your risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, which is commonly called bone disease, can cause your bones to become brittle and weak. It is important to stay physically active to help build strong bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. If you have this condition, try strength training.

4. Enhance cardiovascular health Your heart has its own circulatory system that works continuously throughout the day to keep it pumping blood and oxygen through your body. This circulatory system works even when you sleep.

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