Benefits of having an exercise routine

Constant exercise can actually benefit you in so many ways whether it’s for appearance or your health. But something to bear in mind is that you won’t be able to see results until your second week and sometimes even longer. Most beginners stop in their first week since they don’t see instant results but despite physical changes you also have to consider checking how you’ve changed internally.

Having a workout routine can enhance your stamina, resistance, endurance and strength so before deciding to stop consider your internal changes as well and make it a point to work out every day or every other day. And, with so many advantages both physically and mentally, you might wonder if there’s more and Strength After Thirty has listed it all down below:

  1. Helps control weight

One of the main reasons people work out is to lose weight and having a consistent workout plan will definitely help. Most beginners only last 2-3 days to a week once they feel they’re not losing weight and don’t see results. Little do they know it’s actually taking effect but results show up after two weeks or so. You might even look bigger than you usually do since your muscles are still sore and inflamed but once you get used to it you’ll see results faster. A routine, as well as a great diet, will help you control your weight quickly and easily.

  1. Prevent diseases and other health conditions

Apart from it benefiting you physically this can also aid you internally. Consistently working out can help prevent serious diseases such as high blood pressure, anxiety, arthritis, depression, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and many more. This is possible since exercising releases and increases specific hormones that can fight these health issues such as lipoprotein cholesterol, cortisol and many more. So when you feel like giving up, remember its many benefits to your health from mind and body.

  1. Enhances endurance, resistance and strength

Constant working out can help your body get used to high-intensity work that can lead to enhancement of endurance, resistance and strength. Having a routine can push your body to its limits giving you more room for improvement making it a challenge today and an everyday thing in the future. This is why constant training can improve your endurance, resistance and strength. So if you’re someone who likes to hike, trek, swim or do any other physically inclined activity, having a workout routine can help you tremendously.

  1. Helps with sleep

A good solution to any sleeping problem is constant workouts. Having a workout routine doesn’t only benefit your physical appearance and internal health but also helps you sleep better at night. Try training in the morning or at noon, don’t work out too close to the time you usually sleep since this can make you more energetic. This uses the energy you have stacked for the day and using some of it to workout will surely leave you with less by the time you’re about to sleep.

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