Strength After Thirty

Here at Strength After Thirty, we believe no one is ever too long to start their fitness journey whether it’s to lift weights, get in shape or even for health reasons. A person’s ability to work on a fitness-driven life has no bounds. 

On our website, you’ll be able to learn everything and anything about fitness from lifting tips, types of diets, beginner’s guides, FAQs, workout gear and so much more!

Keeping a healthy and fitness-driven life can benefit you in more ways than one! Especially when you’ve passed your 20s. Recent studies have reported the significant health advantages of exercise which grow even more vital as you age. 

Adults who work out regularly enhance both mental and physical health, which will help them preserve their independence as they age. So if piques your interest here are some benefits of working out past your 20s:

  1. Prevent diseases

One of the great things about being physically active is that it helps prevent common diseases as you age such as diabetes, heart diseases, joint problems and so much more. Constant exercise enhances and improves your immune system that will play an important role in your health especially when you grow older.

  1. Better balance

Most seniors are prone to risks of falls that can be quite dangerous and cause permanent damage. A great solution to prevent fall risks is by exercising. This can improve balance, strength and flexibility that can potentially not only make you walk better but also avoid the risks of falling.

  1. Enhances brain function

Another great benefit you get from constant exercise is better cognitive function. This lets you use your motor skills daily in a more complex way that provides healthy cognitive activity. This can help to prevent any brain issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and so on.

  1. Social engagement

Who knew working out could also mean more friends. This is possible when you join a walking group, get a gym membership, fitness classes, pilates circle and so much more. For adults to have a sense of purpose and avoid emotions of loneliness or sadness, they should have strong social connections. Above everything else choose an activity that you enjoy and it will never seem like a chore again.

  1. Improves mental health

Exercising has a variety of mental health benefits and when you’re physically active endorphins are released and serve as a stress reliever leaving you feeling joyful and fulfilled. Exercise has also been proven to improve sleep, which is particularly essential for adults who commonly suffer from insomnia and irregular sleep patterns.

So, if you’re ready to venture into the world of fitness, let us be a part of it by providing you with everything and anything you might need to know about fitness during your journey.